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Organizing the best ideas through technology

TIDEXA, the first Brazilian provider of payroll software solutions, was founded in 1973 with the name of SOFTWARE LTDA. by Pedro Alberto Verdugo, professor and electrical engineer graduated by the University of Chile. His postgraduate studies at the University of California, Berkeley, with specialization in Operating Investigation, enabled him to organize a company engaged in the development of systems using analytical techniques and mathematical models.

Anticipating the future, we implemented a complete project based on new and evolving guidelines aimed to meet the natural demands of our industry.

Focused on innovative technology, we created a name that represents the foundation to build an even more challenging path. The combination of the letters in the word "TI" (Tecnologia da Informação), "Index" and "Idea" forms the concept of the new name: TIDEXA, our new brand that summarizes the organization of the best ideas through technology, with ERP solutions, services and products for the HR area and business integration.

Promptly recognized in the market thanks to the quality of its products, flexibility of use and excellent performance in the processing of large volumes of data, TIDEXA has been gaining customer loyalty as a result of its management and delivery of quality products and services. These factors have allowed the company to win large clients in all industries and lines of businesses.

TIDEXA operates through the evolving of its business model, continuous acquisition of expertise and promotion of new solutions to its clients.

TIDEXA Distinguishing Features


  • Longevity and customer loyalty
  • Highly skilled and certified team of consultants
  • Oracle accredited partner – ISV
  • More than 40 years in the market
  • Success cases in several industries


  • Last generation technology
  • Excellent performance for large volumes of processed collaborators
  • Proven experience in large and midsize companies
  • High configuring level
  • Reduced deployment costs
  • Reduced number of hours and deployment times
  • Reduced or no customizations
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased productivity among users
  • Improved labor force cost/benefit ratio
  • Reliability in the results
  • Auditing and security components
  • System logs and traceability to avoid the undue handling of information
  • Avoids the deviation of payments, salaries, vacation benefits, and alimony, among others
  • All functionalities available in the Web
  • Process automation

Structured to meet the market's demands

TIDEXA is properly prepared to serve a highly competitive market. To this end, we offer products that combine the IT sophistication with the functionality of customized applications.

TIDEXA Work Philosophy (TWP) embraces unified concepts and consistent actions of our professionals in the diverse business areas. Based on a client-oriented perspective and to meet their needs, our philosophy values the willingness to serve and the ability and desire to evolve and surpass results. TWP strategy is intended to add value, to transform through technology tools and to provide our clients with superior results.

TIDEXA Work Philosophy

  • Filosofia de Trabalho TIDEXA

LAITEC* methodology to conduct projects


TIDEXA has a Business Process Consulting Service Line, Advisory Services in Technological Integrations, Outsourcing and Technical Support to our products.

Our Line of Services offers customizations and specific projects for each client, including consulting services for business process management, providing clients with innovative and consolidated solutions through technology tools. We use our proprietary LAITEC methodology, assuring security and reliability for our clients' internal processes.

* from the acronym in Portuguese (Levantamento, Avaliação, Implantação, Transformação, Execução and Controle)


Organizational Culture


To be an innovative company that provides clients with high value added solutions. To offer an encouraging work environment that inspires creative attitudes and value the continuous search for knowledge, always seeking the best results.

C3 Vision

C3 Vision in three focuses

  • To be one of the three major players of the IT market focused on our clients' needs.
  • To make competences and means available so that our solutions can generate value for our clients.
  • To provide a high and unique satisfaction level in meeting our clients' demands.


  • Transparence
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment
  • Ethics