TIDEXA Services

TIDEXA has a proven experience in the deployment of Consulting solutions. Based on operating and feasibility studies, we plan improvements through technological tools and professional support according to the businesses' administrative needs. We also work on customizations, providing our clients with specific projects.

Business Process Consulting Services
Business Process Consulting Services
Business process consulting services. Our Line of Services offers customizations and specific projects for each client, including consulting services for business process management, providing clients with innovative and consolidated solutions through technology tools.

TIDEXA has a Business Process Consulting Service Line, Advisory Services in Technological Integrations, Outsourcing and Technical Support to our products.

We use our proprietary LAITEC* methodology, assuring security and reliability for our clients' internal processes.

  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Deployment
  • Transformation
  • Execution
  • Control

* from the acronym in Portuguese (Levantamento, Avaliação, Implantação, Transformação, Execução and Controle)

Project Management

We offer consulting services for the market's main system adequacy processes. We count on a highly skilled team that works based on an objective view of the corporate environment and its requirements.

We support your company in all phases

  • Process Analysis
  • Deployment
  • Versions upgrade
  • Support on demand
Enterprise Solution Management
Enterprise Solution Management
To diagnose, by means of technology tools, key and critical indicators to manage costs, revenues, production and investments in the business.
Technology as a service - cloud computing
Technology as a Service
We offer cloud-based solutions (Cloud Computing).

Our services are structured in an environment comprised of a presentation layer (software), database, server, base application, backup routines, redundancies and hardware.

Our services are hosted at Oracle Cloud and can be accessed anywhere and anytime without the need of specific programs and local infrastructure.


  • SSL3/TLS access
  • AES_256_CBC encryption
  • 256-bit key
  • SHA1 signature algorithm
  • DHE_RSA key exchange mechanism
DBA Services
DBA Services
TIDEXA is ready to provide you with services that assure a reliable and secure database.

Built on our broad market experience, we develop a set of procedures to provide your company with complete services.

  • Version deployment and upgrade
  • Environment monitoring and management
  • Performance analysis
  • Access policy implementation
  • Backup/restore/disaster recovery strategy
  • Troubleshooting
  • Oracle Database
B2B Data Exchange / Data Migration
B2B Data Exchange / Data Migration
The data migration project comprises the integration structuring among several technological environments with a view to unifying your data and, accordingly, meet business and related-process requirements.

The migration processes combine technology, methodology and services.

Technological Integrations
Technological Integrations
As a distributed computing model and primarily used in enterprise application integration (EAI), our technological integrations provide a dynamic and flexible communication among applications.

Interface with the leading market ERP systems.