rhsoft Features


Focused on fully leveraging graphical interface resources and employing a leading technology, we developed an advanced system for remote use, extremely useful for companies that seek security and flexibility in people management processes.

A unique copy of the product allows the collective processing of several companies, both on an independent and/or individual basis. The information structure is distributed based on the level concept, as follows: Corporation, Company, Branch, Department, Section, and Employee. All calculations, formulas, searches and reports can be conducted in any of the existing levels.

Developed based on the concept of interactivity with the end user, rhsoft allows the most varied levels of queries and searches, in a fast and easy way on the product screen itself.

The product manages the access to the stored information based on the standards established by SOX - Sarbanes-Oxley. It also allows the registering of users through the creation of profiles with specific privileges according to the rules established by the organization.

It has a complete data auditing track based on the field, type of operation and user.

All modules are highly configurable, allowing the establishing of specific rules according the company's environment.

The rhsoft tool provides a high performance level for the processing of large volumes of data, maintaining the security and integrity of the processed information.

PS . Payroll System
FS . Folha Soft
Advanced system that uses a leading technology for payroll processing. Ideal for companies that seek security and flexibility in people management processes.
  • Management of varied types of payments and diverse collaborators;
  • Flexible definition of calculation rules per union, organizational units, position, collaborator, etc.;
  • Collective, individual and selective processing;
  • Management and control of vested vacation pay, vacation pay in installments, calculation of holiday shutdown, issuing of vacation notices/receipts and their respective legal reports;
  • Management of legal leave processes;
  • Management of transportation, meal, food, and fuel tickets;
  • Generation of monthly and annual files for Official Entities (SEFIP, GRRF, CAGED, RAIS, DIRF, IN100, IN20, IN86, PIS, etc.);
  • Automatic generation of current account deposits;
  • Carrying out of all legal routine calculations (Income tax [IR], Social Security [INSS], Severance Payment Fund [FGTS], 13th salary, Remunerated Weekly Day-off [DSR], Health Hazard Allowance, Hazard Activities Remuneration, etc.);
  • Developed to generate files for HOMOLOGNET;
  • Importing and exporting of data, what makes the connectivity with other IT systems easier;
  • Generation of files and tables for payroll accounting processes, considering ledger accounts, cost centers and organizational units;
  • Management of the company's areas that need to calculate payment values apportioned to each cost center;
  • Generation of default report lists, in addition to reports and queries of all information in the system;
  • High performance level for the processing of large volumes of data;
  • Fast, easy and efficient operation;
  • Meets the standards set by SOX (Sarbanes - Oxley);
  • Complete data audit trail;
  • Integrated to Oracle ERPs (EBS, JDEdwards and PeopleSoft), SAP, and TOTVS;
  • Highly configurable.
TK . Timekeeping System
GT . Gerenciador de Tempo
Developed to make timecard control easier, the product minimizes costs and offers security, promptness and reliability in the calculation of frequency.
  • Calculation of the electronic timecard system (Decree 1,510);
  • Management of different working hours;
  • Time bank control;
  • Collective, individual and selective processing;
  • Entry of hours/tasks (agricultural, consulting, etc.);
  • Interface with all types of time clocks;
  • Includes main predefined reports;
  • Establishing of policies for each time grid;
  • Absenteeism control;
  • Issuing of badges;
  • Allows to work on justifications, allowances, absences, etc.;
  • Highly configurable.
HR . HR Portal
HR . HR Portal
Product developed to facilitate the communication among the Human Resources department and the company's collaborators.
It allows the creation of different profiles and, according to the configuration, can also play the role of Manager Portal, HR Portal or Collaborator Portal.
  • Query and/or change of personal, dependant, electronic timecard system and leave process data;
  • Query of contract and documentation data;
  • Request of vacation schedules, changes to the staff and training processes;
  • Display of messages, notices, memorandums and news to a group or collaborator;
  • Publishing of the HR department schedule;
  • Allows the manager to take notes on a confidential basis;
  • Allows the printing of payment sheets, wage and tax statements and several reports;
  • Password management;
  • Individual and protected access passwords based on a complete security structure;
  • Highly configurable;
  • All data and request updates supported by an authorization structure based on approval managers;
  • Emails triggered to managers informing of pending requests;
  • Information made available in mobile devices.
HP . Hierarchical Position System
HP . Hierarchical Position System
System that defines the organization's hierarchical structure and controls the company's openings. Through the association of the Hierarchical Position System with the Budget & Forecast System, it's possible to manage the structure of costs per opening, comparing effectively incurred costs with personnel costs in the Payroll System.
  • Historical control of the positions occupied by collaborators;
  • Openings management (open, occupied and pending vacancies);
  • Creation of position profiles;
  • Change of positions among collaborators according to the position and organizational units;
  • Establishing of policies;
  • Allows the creation of calculation options associated with the positions;
  • Reports;
  • Customized graphical interface;
  • Highly configurable.
TD . Training and Development System
TD . Training and Development System
System that manages collaborators' training processes so that they acquire the necessary requirements for their respective positions. It controls the creation of courses and classes that, linked to the training programs, incorporate the necessary skills, associates positions and/or careers and competences to be acquired through the training processes, in addition to establishing a development plan based on the needs identified in the evaluation process. Additionally, it allows the management of collaborators with career potential.
  • Control of courses and records, what allows a comprehensive definition of the content, objectives to be attained, applied methodologies and target audience;
  • Management of classes and physical resources (venue, equipment, didactic materials, rooms, etc.);
  • Evaluation system based on grades or presence;
  • Control of instructors (individuals or corporations) skilled to deliver the courses;
  • Allows the planning per period;
  • Identification of training programs to meet the needs of collaborators' competencies;
  • Management of competencies, skills and attitudes per position or collaborator;
  • Control of expiration dates and training reviews;
  • Refund of expenses with external training courses;
  • Several predefined reports (presence list, diplomas, etc.);
  • Reaction assessment;
  • Checking of the efficacy of the courses delivered;
  • Query screens to follow-up training processes status;
  • Allows the management of development and career plans;
  • Highly configurable.
PA . Performance Appraisal System
PA . Performance Appraisal System
System that evaluates the collaborators' performance according to highly configurable criteria, evaluation items and performance factors seized for each function, based on the employee potential. It includes qualitative and quantitative appraisal approaches

The product allows the creation of 90º, 180º and 360º appraisal forms (self-evalution, evaluation of superiors and peers) or unstructured forms (when the appraiser and the evaluated employee are randomly selected, that is, the selection is not related to the hierarchical structure).

The items to be evaluated can be defined according to agreed goals, specific competences, individual or collective competences, and technical or behavioral competences, among other criteria.

  • Definition of the competencies to be evaluated, grades, weighting factors, etc.;
  • Development of appraisal templates for groups, positions, positions in the hierarchical structure or collaborators;
  • Configuration of competencies according to the position or collaborator;
  • Group or individual appraisal schedule;
  • Appraisal and result records;
  • Definition of development plans for the evaluated employee (projects, goals);
  • Definition of action plans for the evaluated employee (training, promotion, dismissal);
  • Individual or group results;
  • Security and auditing tools to access information;
  • Allows the creation of 90º, 180º and 360º appraisal forms (self-evaluation, evaluation of superiors and peers) or unstructured forms (not related to the hierarchical structure);
  • Reports;
  • Highly configurable.
LP . Legal Processes System
LP . Legal Processes System
Module that automates the control of each phase of legal actions filed by or against the company.

It allows the recording of all information relevant to the legal actions in progress, maintaining a database of the proceedings, including the amounts involved, their current status, the complainants, witnesses, bodies where they are being processed and control of the hearings schedule.

It allows the defining of several access profiles, what means law firms have access only to predefined and specific functionalities.

  • Record of administrative and legal proceedings of the several legal areas (labor, civil, tax areas, etc.);
  • Record of Regional Courts, Benches, etc.;
  • Record of the defendant (attorney, representative, witnesses);
  • Record of the plaintiff (attorney and witnesses);
  • Record of the amount claimed and the forecasted amount;
  • Legal action agenda;
  • Proceedings status;
  • Record of the presence of defendant's and plaintiff's parties;
  • E-mail messages (calls, meetings);
  • Control of proceeding expenses (attorney's fees, transportation, accommodation and meal expenses, etc.);
  • Value of matter in controversy and probability of prevailing;
  • Control of procedural costs (fees, copies of documents, etc.);
  • Reports.
SE . Soft-e (Electronic Data Interchange)
SE . Soft-e (Electronic Data Interchange)
Module that manages the sending, receiving and control of eSocial protocols, with the possibility of consolidating additional Payroll data. The management is conducted by a Dashboard that shows the status of generated/transmitted files.
  • Prior auditing of the data to be sent;
  • Electronic Data Interchange;
  • Generation of a Qualification File to be sent in the eSocial environment to check whether the CPF/PIS (Social Security Number/Social Integration Program) pertains to the employee;
  • Automatic generation of XML files in the required layouts;
  • Control of protocols through the association with the collaborators' database and respective events, making eventual adjustments and queries easier;
  • Possibility of transmitting additional rshoft files.
CS . Compensation System
CS . Compensation System
Solution that helps organizations create and maintain all the necessary structure for the management of collaborators' positions and salaries/compensations.

It allows the definition of position profiles through the description of the activities performed, requirements and the necessary experience.

It also allows the definition of salary tables according to ranges and steps for the massive change of salaries based on several criteria, such as linear and stepped by range/level criteria, among others.

  • Position table in which it is possible to associate the salary plan, union, work hours and calculation options to the position;
  • Complete structure for the description of positions according to the definition of functions, requirements, and the necessary qualification, competences and experience;
  • Grouping of positions according to the job class, nature (managerial, technical, operating or administrative), accounting function (accounting rules per position) and place;
  • Defining of salary tables according to the plan, salary range and level;
  • Defining of automatic classification policy, suggesting promotions according to predefined rules;
  • Classification of positions and career segments in either several specific salary or few broadbanding ranges;
  • Possibility of exporting data from the salary tables to be used in other applications;
  • Highly configurable.
BC . Benefits Control System
BC . Benefits Control System
Management of the benefits offered by the company to the collaborators and their dependents. It allows the creation of any type of benefit, integrated with the several suppliers in magnetic files.
  • Management and automatic generation of orders to the several suppliers of legal benefits or per collective work agreement: Meal, Food, Transportation, and Fuel Tickets;
  • Management of other benefits offered by the company, according to the criteria established by each corporation: Life Insurance, Private Social Security, Day Care Center Aid, among others;
  • Control of Health Insurance Plans for collaborators and dependents referring to the calculation of the plan's monthly payment and co-participation. It fully meets the generation of the Declaration of Income Tax at Source (DIRF);
  • Control over the benefits cost by collaborator and company's aid;
  • Definition of eligibility criteria based on years of service, salary level, union, organizational unit, and position, among others;
  • Management of the accounting process of discounts and aids, in addition to the apportion of expenses per cost center or organizational unit;
  • Definition of types of loans (assigned, company or cooperative credit), granting rules and deposit through banking interface, what allows the payment of pending debts in case of dismissal;
  • Highly configurable.
CM . Contractors Management
CM . Contractors Management
Management of freelancer and service provider (contractors) payment processes, including support to legal entity-related issues (Federal Internal Revenue Service [RFB], Federal Savings Bank [CEF], Social Security [INSS], etc.). Management of contracts between the company and contractors, including history records of the company's relationship with former and current contractors.
  • List of contractors;
  • Inclusion of data and values referring to tax invoices;
  • Control and maintenance of the collaborators linked to the contracts;
  • Inclusion of collaborators' registration data (freelancers and contractors);
  • Possibility of defining rules to meet contractors' and freelancers' specific matters;
  • Generation of weekly, monthly and individual payments based on fully flexible calculations defined by the user;
  • Bank interface for payments through electronic wire transfers;
  • Issuing and printing of the Self-Employment Income Receipt (RPA) report;
  • Handling of contracts and values for the Social Security Information Form (GFIP);
  • Highly configurable.
AC . Access Control System
AC . Access Control System
Control, routine activities and access documentation of collaborators (collaborators, third parties, visitors, etc.) who circulate in the company's facilities.
  • Definition of access and control over restricted areas;
  • Record of visitors through photos and documents;
  • Issuing of badges;
  • Recording of released and blocked accesses and fraud attempts;
  • Online access control;
  • Possible pre-scheduling of visits to expedite the process in the entrance or reception hall;
  • Restriction of access based on the expiration date of badges, termination, attempt to enter non-authorized areas, access out of permitted hours, etc.
BF . Budget & Forecast System
BF . Budget & Forecast System
The Budget & Forecast solution allows the planning and management of the HR budget plan, showing the real status of the jobs available and the company's staff-related costs, including legal charges and benefits.
  • Detailed calculation of labor costs;
  • Forecast of direct and indirect costs based on the current database;
  • Management of the company's staff per organizational structure, cost center and position profile;
  • Parameters for the composition of budgets (indexes);
  • Simulation, storage and comparison of several scenarios;
  • Simulation and analysis of the impacts resulting from possible salary or staff adjustments;
  • Comparative of the realized and budgeted amounts;
  • Information made available for managerial analysis;
  • Building and analysis of scenarios, identification of variances and prompt correction for more dynamic people management-related financial controls;
  • Highly configurable.
WF . Workflow
WF . Workflow
This module allows the defining of the several flows for the approval of tasks, changes to the staff, requests, etc., according to the hierarchical structure or on an unstructured basis.
  • Defining of flow parameters;
  • Sending of warnings about the progress of tasks or status of requests;
  • Approval responsibility linked to the user's profile in the rhsoflt solution;
  • Control panel showing the progress of tasks/requests.

dirhect Features


The dirhect, software available in the SaaS model, integrates systems and sends information to any area or collaborator, supplier, and internal and external customers, bringing more efficiency to your business' processes. Suppliers that receive consistent data also provide better services.

With exclusive access, dirhect follows all operating processes in the different areas of your business and sends information to suppliers, clients, systems, platforms and even people through email, SMS, database and web services, among others.

The dirhect software sends information according to the recipient's needs, creating customized files, programs or messages for each process, in addition to notifying the involved parties. The software adjusts both to the source system and the target system.


  • Process automation;
  • No need of investments in software and hardware;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Better use of people in the business areas;
  • Dynamic and secure processes;
  • Tasks do not rely on people;
  • No human intervention;
  • 24h x 7d monitoring.

Integration and Sending of Information

  • Email (w/ or w/o attachments);
  • SMS;
  • FTP;
  • Network;
  • Sharepoint;
  • WebServices;
  • Database;
  • Text files;
  • XML files.

(Contact us to learn more about other ways).

PM . Procurement Management
PM . Procurement Management
This module was developed to meet the control, flexibility, security, automation and planning needs of your company's supply area through computer-based processes covering from the purchase request, online quotation by the supplier, approval, issuing of purchase order to the receiving and integration of electronic invoices.
  • Purchase request;
  • Online quotation;
  • Purchase order;
  • Integration of the incoming electronic invoice;
  • Contracts management;
  • System adjustment to the client's processes;
  • Reports;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable processes.
CI . Electronic Commercial Invoice
CI . Electronic Commercial Invoice
Developed to search and store Electronic Commercial Invoices (XML) directly from SEFAZ (Department of Finance) issued against your company according to the recipient's choices.
  • Importing of XML files and storage in your company's servers;
  • XML file of the Electronic Commercial Invoice in SEFAZ environment made available in third party services (example: accountant);
  • Issuing of the Electronic Invoice Auxiliary Document (DANFE);
  • In compliance with the tax legislation (SINIEF [National System of Economic and Tax Information] 07/05 adjustment, Clause 10);
  • Recipients can request specific options according to the legislation;
  • Acceptance or rejection of the Electronic Invoice within the legal term;
  • Invoice spreadsheet according to the Electronic Commercial Invoice board;
  • Check report of the Electronic Commercial Invoices downloaded from SEFAZ vs. SPED (Public System of Digital Fiscal Bookkeeping), showing which ones were not entered in the ERP;
  • Integration with the system;
  • ERPs via Database, WebServices, files or according to your needs;
  • Independence of the supplier to get XML;
  • Reports;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable process.
SI . Electronic Service Invoice
SI . Electronic Service Invoice
Product that integrates Electronic Service Invoices (all formats, except for PDF) issued against your company, received by email or stored in the server, to your business' ERP system.
  • Fully automated sending and return of electronic invoices;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Viewing of the electronic invoice in the solution itself;
  • Sending of warnings and emails to the parties involved in the process;
  • Printing of the Provisional Invoice;
  • Integration with the ERP system via Database, WebServices, files or according to the company's needs;
  • Reports;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable process.
FB . Fringe Benefits Management
FB . Fringe Benefits Management
This module manages several types of benefits and granting, maintenance and payment events. Based on the operations of the Human Resources' systems referring to inclusions, changes or exclusions of a collaborator or family group (dependents), the solution gathers the events and sends them to one or more benefits suppliers according to each recipient's needs.
  • Health and dental care activities;
  • Life insurance;
  • Purchase of Transportation (VT), Meal (VR), Food (VA), and Fuel (VC) ticket benefits;
  • Reports;
  • Any other benefits that require exchange of information;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable process.
ER . Employee Record Management
ER . Employee Record Management
This module manages collaborators' data and information (employees, contractors, freelancers, trainees and seasonal employees), structuring the several databases in the organization coming from internal or external and internal third parties' databases. Based on the activities in the Human Resources' systems referring to inclusions, changes or exclusions of a collaborator or its family group (dependents), the ER enables the effective control of the company's human capital by optimizing processes and meeting the business' several strategies.
  • Maintenance of the access/timecard system;
  • Integration with other systems that require registration data;
  • Any other required integration;
  • Reports;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable process.
DV . E-Social Data Validation Tool
VE . Validador de Informações e-Social
It manages the information in the e-Social system to validate and gather the events of the systems that generate data, sending notifications to the responsible departments about possible errors in the records or inconsistencies in the processes that may lead to fines at official entities.
  • Daily validation of information;
  • Sending of notifications to the areas involved in the process;
  • Sharing of information among the departments via notifications;
  • Reports;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable process.
CP . Collaborative Portal
CP . Collaborative Portal
The HR portal module synchronizes your ERP information, allowing collaborators to check their registration data, payment sheets and history records, such as salary and changes to registration data, among others.
  • Queries about employees' and dependents' data;
  • Payment sheets;
  • History records;
  • Reports;
  • Other information according to your needs.
ID . User ID Management
ID . User ID Management
This tool manages the several access and authorization levels of a user in an organization necessary for data control and security of the IT area. It uses a workflow mechanism with scopes of approval for the accesses in the several systems and related items, such as platforms, operating systems, email providers, ERPs and other software that can be customized according to your needs.
  • Manual or automatic request for inclusion, according to the collaborator, via HR systems;
  • Control over password changes by the user himself/herself;
  • Automatic inclusion of users;
  • Workflow of approvals;
  • Message exchange among approvers and requesters;
  • Historic record of approvals;
  • Customized forms for each company;
  • Reports;
  • Integration with systems according to the demand.
IN . Integration Tools
IN . Integration Tools
This module uses the most advanced integration tools available in the market, allowing the integration among systems, files, processes, and platforms. Some of the possibilities are, among others:
  • I1 - ETL
  • I2 – Web Services
  • I3 – FTP
  • I4 – E-mail
  • I5 – SMS
  • I6 – Rede
  • I7 – Sharepoint
  • I8 – Database
  • Allows the scheduling and setup of tasks according to your needs and events;
  • Reading of data from the database, text and xml files, among others;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable process.
MR . Managerial Reports
MR . Managerial Reports
Report generator available in the web, fully configured according to the company's needs and ready to read any source of data.
  • Customization of reports according to the specifications and diverse systems, integrating them into a unique database;
  • Sharing of information among internal and external areas, as well as among suppliers and customers;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable process.
FW . Forms / Workflow
FW . Forms / Workflow
Tool that allows the creation of forms of all types. The information can be integrated into the ERP or via notifications. Accordingly, the company customizes its own screens and processes and link them to approval workflows.
  • Request and customization of electronic forms in general;
  • Admission forms;
  • Dismissal forms;
  • Vacation schedule forms;
  • Registration data change forms;
  • Supply forms;
  • Travel expenses advance forms;
  • Forms for the control of meeting minutes;
  • Refund forms, among others;
  • Approvals workflow;
  • Reduced operating costs and dynamic and reliable process.
MB . Mobile Apps
MB . Mobile Apps
  • Freedom for employees. Access to information anywhere.
  • Through the synchronization of data, dirhect gathers information from the ERP system and make it available in mobile phones and tablets.
  • Purchases approval;
  • ID approval;
  • Access to payment sheets;
  • Access to registration data.
NW . Notifications and Warnings
NW . Notifications and Warnings
  • This module allows the creation of customized notifications for any area in the company.
  • Based on the information in the source system, the module identifies possible inconsistencies or tasks to be performed and sends notifications via email or SMS to the responsible employees. Some of the functions are, among others:
    • Validation of the employees' data records;
    • Validation of customers' and suppliers' data records;
    • Payment reminders;
    • Reminders of the tasks to be performed;
    • Messages to employees, customers and suppliers.